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Zimbabwe Prisons Ministries

Zimbabwe Prison Ministries (ZPM) is a locally donor funded Correctional-Care Trust founded in 2009 with mandate to establish committed correctional care communities that actively support restoration and reintegration of prisoners, provide correctional care, counseling and humanitarian assistance to inmates  and facilitate peace circles for victim/offender reconciliation. 

 ZPM also seeks to establish partnerships and synergies with churches, business corporations and individuals in pursuing social responsibility projects and programs that benefit inmates, victims of crime and families affected by crime. 

Zimbabwe Prison Ministries operates with integrity in all its dealings as it seeks to facilitate the adoption of restorative justice approaches by all stakeholders in the crime care sector and the reduction of crime to tolerable levels as social development is always compromised by high levels of crime. 

Training Board
Our adjunct lecturers
 Dr. Constantine Murefu, 
Dr. Doyce Jeremiah, 
Mr. Mufema, 
Rev. Joe Mundamawo 
Rev. Lovejoy Tirivepi

Dr. Noah Pashapa
Dr. Eddie Chikumba,
Pastor Mike Gova 
Pastor Constance Marodza